Masato Nagai

Born 1981 in Tokyo, Japan. Lives and works in Tokyo





2004 Graduate, Tokyo Zokei University, Tokyo

2006 MFA Tama Art University, Tokyo


Solo exhibitions:

2005 Gallery Gan, Tokyo

2007 Nabisu Gallery, Tokyo, Japan / Wardlow, Melbourne, Australia

2009 Shiraya Art Space, Tokyo

2010 ArtStudioNakameguro,Tokyo

2011 ArtSpaceShimouma,Tokyo

2014 Gallery Simon,Tokyo

2017 Gallery Sugino,Tokyo


Group exhibitions:

2006 International Print Triennial Krakow, Oldenburg, Vienna, Poland, Germany, Austria

2007 13th Biennale Internationale de la Gravure et des Nouvelles Images de Sarcelles,  


2008 The Internatinal Experimental Engraving Biennaial, 3rd edition, Bucharest, Romania

          International Print Triennial Kochi,Japan

2010 International Print Biennaial Nobosibilsk,Russia

2011 Italy-Japan International Print exhibition,Padva,Italy

2013 16th Biennale Internationale de la Gravure et des Nouvelles Images de Sarcelles,


         11th Premio Acqui,Italy

2014 Sprout Legacy International Invitational Mini Prints Exhibition,Taiwan

          Taiwan-Japan international exchange exhibiton of prints,Japan

2015 17th Biennale Internationale de la Gravure et des Nouvelles Images de Sarcelles,     


          12nd Premio Acqui,Italy

          France-Japan exchange exhibiton of contemporary prints,Tokyo Japan

2016 印象、Inshou,Impressions croise'es,France

          International print festival in Touen,Taiwan

2017 Guanlan international print Biennale,China

          Yerevan international print Biennale,Almenia

         Mexico Japan exchange prints show in Oaxaca,Mexico

         18th Biennale Internationale de la Gravure et des Nouvelles Images de Sarcelles,     




2005 The Setsuryosya Firenze Prize, 7th edition, Nigata, Japan

2006 Biennial of Kumamoto, 3rd edition , Kumamoto, Japan

Memorial of Shigeru Aoki Prize, 16th edition, Fukuoka, Japan

2008 Tokyo Zokei University Alumni Reunion Scholarship 2008, Tokyo,Japan

          Harlem Studio Fellowship,New York,USA


Residencies and international exchanges:

2003 Exchange Student Program, De Kooning Academy, Rotterdam, Netherlands

2007 Wardlow Artist-in-Residence, Melbourne, Australia

2008 Harlem Studio Fellowship, New York,USA

          INSTYRIA Kultur Service Gesellschaft Rondo-Studios    

          Fellowship, Graz, Austria

2009 France Maseleel Centrum Artsit-in-Residence Fellowship, Kasterlee, Belgium

   Amsterdams Grafisch Atelier, Amsterdam, Netherlands



These my copper-plate print works could be rather paintings than print-works.Usually I compose a large work with many pieces of prints instead of drawing with brush.I make many prints and combine them on a panel making my own image clear.
It's often said that my works look like a fine Mandala--a Buddhist painting--or oil paintings of some kind of plants that express my point of view about the Universe.But my aim is to express the nuance between black and white that can be never expressed by oil paintings.
I'd like to make the best use of the print-making techiniques in order to express my oriental sense of beauty.In my works the nature--for example tree,water,sea--is treated as a main theme.I want to create the aweinspiring nature in my works.
Today print-works are too artificial and the world of print-maiking is too narrow.I want to explore a new world of both paintings and prints.